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Avoid Losing Track of Valuable Cargo When You Use a Reliable and Modern Freight Forwarding Company in Melbourne

Avoid Losing Track of Valuable Cargo When You Use a Reliable and Modern Freight Forwarding Company in Melbourne

Creating a product and shipping it overseas is an exciting moment in the life of your company. It represents a big step forward into a new phase of expansion and growth. However, the logistics process behind getting your finished products where they need to go, bring with them a much different set of emotions. Feeling stressed about the successful shipment of your goods is understandable; after all, those products will need to cover a long distance. Once you’ve packed your products and they depart for shipment, the last thing you want is to lose track of where they are and what is happening to them while en route.

To remedy this potential problem, avoiding lost and damaged shipments or blown delivery deadlines, use a reliable freight forwarding company. Melbourne businesses with an eye towards the international scene can trust in Novis Logistics Solutions’ ability to efficiently coordinate the movement of their freight. Meanwhile, we make every effort to keep you informed on the progress of the process. By keeping our clients in the loop and working hard to deliver top shelf service, we meet freight forwarding needs and reduce the stress of your export business. Focus on the important facets of maintaining your company while we get your items in the air or on a ship.

Novis Logistics provides contemporary freight forwarding to Melbourne

When companies utilise our firm in Melbourne for freight forwarding and logistics services, clients receive a complete end to end service. Our goal is to maintain a high level of transparency and communication during every step of your cargo’s movement, from your location to the destination. Forwarding your freight is all about finding economical routes and options that can meet the lead times your clients demand. With a huge network of suppliers and partners around the globe, we are always able to find the best options with trustworthy transporters. This is the first line of defence against lost shipments.

How will we keep track of your goods and ensure you’re always “in the know,” though? We built a customised system for reporting cargo movements to which you will have access. This allows you to quickly see the current status and location of the shipment we are forwarding for you. Additionally, we have a customer service team dedicated to answering your questions and keeping you apprised of the situation.

Always make sure your cargo arrives on location

There is hardly a more stressful situation for a manager or company leader than losing an important shipment of freight or experiencing a delay without notification. When the vigilance of the team at Novis Logistics Solutions combines with our modern system for tracking goods through every link of the supply chain, you gain peace of mind.

From making it easy to find information on your current customs clearance status and required commercial documents (such as bills of lading) to your shipment’s location status, we keep you involved at every step. Ready to engage us as your service for freight forwarding in Melbourne? Call on +61 (3) 9023 5555, or visit our contact page for information on how to visit us in person.