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Do You Need the Services of a 3PL Company in Melbourne?

Do You Need the Services of a 3PL Company in Melbourne?

Are you in need of supply chain management assistance? Novis Logistics is a 3pl company in Melbourne that can provide the solutions you need to ensure smooth business operations. Since 2012, Novis has been providing world class international freight forwarding, import and export air freight, warehousing services, and third party logistics to customers around the globe. From our headquarters in Melbourne, we work with a vast network of agents worldwide allowing us to ship cargo to and from anywhere. We have partners in 2,000 different locations, partners that we have carefully selected throughout the years. If you have shipments coming to Melbourne, let our team help you with carefully coordinated 3pl services.

What is Third Party Logistics?

A third party logistics, or 3pl, company is one that will assist in the management of logistics operations. These types of operations include full-service warehousing, reporting, bulk storage, inspections, and much more. Some third party logistics companies will specialise and work with specific industries, frozen foods for example. Novis offers 3pl in Melbourne that can be customised to meet the needs of each customer. We realise that the goals and needs of customers will vary and our team is always prepared to offer honest, personal solutions to ensure smooth business operations.

Why Use a Melbourne 3pl Provider Like Novis?

Because of our specialisation in providing logistics services such as warehousing, Novis can save you considerable amounts of time and money. While we focus on providing 4,500 square metres of warehousing space as well as pick and pack solutions, our customers can hone in on making outstanding products. We help store and ship it to its final destinations. It’s what we do best.

Using our services also allows a company to save on its capital commitment. With Novis to assist, there is no need for a business owner to invest in a warehouse or transport facilities. There are no more worries about capacity utilisation without a fixed cost in place for a warehouse. The capital saved by using Novis Logistics as a storage solution can be invested elsewhere.

Third party logistics providers like Novis also offer customers tremendous flexibility. With the number of services that we can provide a customer, there is opportunity for flexibility in the number of resources used and workforce size. Instead of a fixed cost, customers reap the benefit of variable cost storage, pick and pack, and other logistics services. Novis can even customise a solution for you that links with our transport team and provides you with end-to-end service.

Why Choose Novis Logistics

Novis provides complete freight handling services for businesses looking for solutions. We provide air and ocean freight transport and our extensive knowledge of local and overseas markets allows us to provide outstanding service. Our licensed Customs Brokers can work with customers to ensure that shipments are compliant with regulation to minimise any risk. We have a dedicated customer service desk that is available to assist customers in need. We are also able to provide 3pl services such as warehousing, bulk storage, quarantine inspections, and much more. If your company is in need of quality freight and third party logistics services, call us on 3 9023 5555 or send us an email at