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Frequently Asked Questions about Novis, the Premier Container Shipping Company in Melbourne

Frequently Asked Questions about Novis, the Premier Container Shipping Company in Melbourne

Novis Logistics Solutions has grown into a well-respected and trusted container shipping company in Melbourne. Independently owned, we have grown since our inception in 2012 and established a worldwide network of shipping partners. Your cargo is our passion and we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations each and every day. In our business, we are often asked questions by prospective clients. Here are the most frequently asked questions.

Where Do You Ship?

We have partners around the world in over 2,000 locations. That means we can provide shipping to most of the world’s major markets. Our services include a broad range of air freight shipping as well as international ocean freight solutions designed to meet almost any transit time, service requirements, and costs. Novis offers customers our own less than container load services as well as full container load contracts. Our friendly and professional staff is always available to assist with large and oversize shipments.

What about Customs Compliance?

The last thing you want is to run the risk of your shipments not reaching their destination on time. When shipping goods internationally, you need a shipping company that understands government legislation around the globe. Novis Logistics’ licenced Customs Brokers ensure that your shipments are fully compliant with relevant local laws and regulations. You can be assured that our experience in the freight forwarding industry will make for smooth delivery of your shipments.

Are Shipments Tracked?

All shipments can be tracked at any point in the supply chain process. Novis Logistics Solutions offers customers a fully customised reporting system. Cargo shipped by air or sea is tracked from beginning to end. Customers always have access to information about orders, shipments, customs clearance status, and more. With our simple tracking feature, Novis helps your business better manage its lead times.

Why Choose Novis for Container Shipping in Melbourne?

Novis Logistics takes lots of pride in providing individualised, personalised service to each and every customer. We recognise that each client and its shipping needs are different. We take the time to make sure that every shipment is as effortless as possible. Novis has a wealth of experience in air and sea freight transportation. As a result, customers receive an unrivalled level of service.

It is our intention at Novis Logistics to build long-term relationships with clients so that we may maximise the value of our service. We deal with customers of all sizes large and small and work with single consignments as well as longer term volume contracts. Novis, located in Melbourne, has a dedicated customer service desk designed to meet the needs of our clients. As mentioned, our reporting system allows for access to shipments at any time. You can track all shipments from beginning to end and you can feel at ease knowing that our team of Customs Brokers has ensured that your cargo is compliant with all government legislation.

If you have a need for Melbourne container shipping, bulk storage solutions, or third party logistics assistance, call us today on 3 9023 5555. You can also send an inquiry to or click the Get a Free Estimate tab on our website.