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Keep Your Air Freight Shipments Compliant

Keep Your Air Freight Shipments Compliant

Shipping products or cargo internationally can be more difficult than one might imagine. Simply finding an air freight company in Melbourne that will fly your goods overseas is only the beginning of the process. You also need to consider legislation and regulations that might impact your exports or imports, as well as understand the process for getting your cargo through customs to where it needs to go.

Novis Logistical Solutions: Your Source for Air Freight and Import/Export Compliance

At Novis Logistical Solutions, we are happy to act as both your Melbourne air freight providers and your advisors on government compliance. We believe that a strong logistics company should be able to handle not just shipping and warehousing, but also paperwork, tracking and customs planning. Our team is adept at all of these roles, making us a unique turnkey solution for worldwide air freight services.

What can you expect from the different facets of a Novis logistical service? Read on for a basic overview of what you can expect from our air freight team and our customs brokers.

  • Air Freight: Novis offers top-quality international shipping services in both air freight and sea freight formats. With the help of our global partners, we are able to offer air freight services—both export and import—to and from roughly 2,000 major markets worldwide. We can provide a single air freight consignment to get your goods to a common trade hub, or work with our partners to design a complex freight management program for a more remote spot. All clients enjoy flexible, personalised service, order tracking and more.
  • Customs Brokers: Where are your imports coming from, or where are your exports going? What kind of cargo are you bringing into the country? The answers to these questions might affect the steps necessary to get your shipment through customs. The Novis team includes a group of renowned, fully licenced customs brokers, all of whom are happy to consult on your air freight service in Melbourne. Together, we can help you stay on top of government regulations, avoid lapses in compliance and prepare all commercial documents and other paperwork.

These two sides of our Melbourne air freight service complement one another perfectly. The highly personalised nature of our air freight service ensures that you always know where your goods are, whether or not they’ve cleared customs and when they are expected to be delivered. Our knowledgeable customs brokers, meanwhile, have the insight necessary to get your goods through customs in the first place.

Choose Novis Logistical Solutions as Your Air Freight Company in Melbourne

Entrusting your precious cargo to a third party and sending it overseas on an airplane can be a nerve-wracking leap of faith. Don’t make the process any more stressful than it needs to be. Choose a Melbourne air freight company with the knowledge and flexibility necessary to help you complete the necessary paperwork and ensure total customs compliance. Choose Novis Logistical Solutions.