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Discover the Benefits of Shipping with Novis

Discover the Benefits of Shipping with Novis

Choosing a company to handle your business’s freight forwarding in Sydney or Melbourne is a huge decision that could impact the financial success of your company. High-quality freight forwarding for Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane businesses can help ensure your company’s customers remain satisfied, your product is transported safely, and your delivery times are met, or, if possible, exceeded.

Finding dependable services for freight forwarding in the Melbourne, Brisbane, or Sydney areas can be rather challenging. If you are a large warehouse or shipping facility, you might need a freight forwarding service who can keep up with constant demand, last minute additions, and high volume shipments. But, sometimes you might find you will need more individualised attention and special deliveries, shipments, and transportation functions. Finding a company who can handle complex freight forwarding in Australia, while also meeting more personalised needs can be nearly impossible.

Fortunately, if you have been searching for a company with significant features, competitive rates, and customised services, you can find all of this and more in the leaders in freight forwarding in Australia, Novis Logistics Solutions.

Who is Novis Logistics Solutions?

Novis Logistics Solutions is a premium transportation company providing superior freight forwarding in Australia. Since opening in 2012, Novis has been committed to providing the best transportation features, tools, and services within Australia. Headquartered in Melbourne, Novis Logistics Solutions provides transport to and from Australia, as well as anywhere else in the world.

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Freight Forwarding Features Available at Novis Logistics Solutions

When it comes to importing and exporting goods, Novis Logistics Solutions understands how complicated and time-consuming shipping between countries can be. Their company can provide clear and concise commercial invoices and other documentation needed to ship your freight into another country, without delaying it at customs. If you need to keep your freight moving and don’t have time for paperwork delays, talk to Novis about their extensive export experience.

In addition to importing and exporting, Novis Logistics Solutions also provides their customers with a variety of features including tracking services. Their tracking tools allow the customer to follow their freight step by step so that customers are always abreast of the location of their items.

If you are worried about switching to a new freight forwarder, but like the way Novis operates, talk to them about how easy it will be to transition to their services. Their professional team will help you make the transition with ease.

If you are in need of quality freight forwarding services near Melbourne or Brisbane, reach out to the highly rated transportation service company, Novis Logistics Solutions. Novis can provide years of experience, professionally trained export brokers, precise and efficient paperwork, as well as on time deliveries and tracking services to keep your freight on track. You can get started on your new freight forwarding service with Novis by visiting their website located at