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Selecting Novis as Your Container Transport Company in Melbourne Provides Options

Selecting Novis as Your Container Transport Company in Melbourne Provides Options

Your business relies on international shipping and having a shipping company that you can count on is a must. At Novis Logistics Solutions, you will find an effortless transition from customer to supplier. Our goal is to leave our clients completely satisfied shipment after shipment. Doing so allows us to build long-term partnerships and achieve success. To meet your global shipping needs, we offer customers a variety of options when it comes to container transport in Melbourne. With our extensive experience in sea and air freight transport, we can help find the appropriate size shipping containers.

Freight Basics – Shipping Containers

As your business grows, you begin to ship more freight. Instead of less than container load, you move to full container load freight. When shipping your cargo, it is helpful to know what size and type of container best suit your needs. Standard size container transport options include both 20-foot (6.05m) and 40-foot (12.19m) enclosed shipping containers. Customers may also choose from 20-foot and 40-foot open top containers. These containers allow the possibility of loading cargo that is over height. Additional options include flat rack containers both with and without sides. If you ship food or dairy products, you can ship using a refrigerated container. Your goods are transported in a container that is set at a certain temperature for the duration of the voyage.

At Novis, we assist customers so that the value of our service is maximised. Our experienced staff is available to help with Melbourne container transport selection. Not only is our staff well-versed in local and international freight forwarding, but they are also friendly and can help with any transportation related matter. We work with companies of all sizes and believe each of our customers is important. That is why we take great care in building an honest and personal relationship with each one.

The Container Transport Company in Melbourne You Can Count on for Air Freight

As a shipping customer of Novis Logistics, you have some options when it comes to shipping goods via air. Airline units, or unit load devices, are pallets or enclosed containers used to hold loose freight. Containers are usually constructed of aluminium or some combination of aluminium, polycarbonate, and cargo netting. They are designed to fit perfectly in the circular cargo holds of modern aircraft. As for ocean freight containers, customers have several size choices ranging from containers with an internal volume of 3.6 cubic metres to larger ones with a capacity of 14.5 cubic metres.

Again, Novis can assist you with a range of import and export air freight services. With shipping available to most of the world’s major markets, we can provide you with the movement of a single consignment or a more complex shipping management plan. Customers receive access to tracking through all phases of shipment. This allows for better control of lead times. With our knowledge of the Australian and overseas markets and a team of licenced, professional Customs Brokers, we can help you reduce risk by ensuring compliance with relevant government legislation.

When you are looking for a long-term shipping partner, the Melbourne container transport company you can trust is Novis Logistics Solutions. Call us today on 8 9023 5555 for a free estimate. You can also inquire at