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Does Your Melbourne Company Need Help Navigating the Murky Waters of Ocean Freight?

Does Your Melbourne Company Need Help Navigating the Murky Waters of Ocean Freight?

Since the first pioneering vessels that could survive long passages over open expanses of water, we have been using the sea to move goods of all kinds from one place to another. International trade could never have grown into the globe-spanning enterprise it is without our ability to convey large volumes of freight over the ocean. However, despite the fact that shipping via sea routes is an everyday occurrence globally, engaging in the import and export business requires knowledge of many complex procedures. These include customs rules and guidelines about what you can and cannot ship, as well as logistical considerations such as whether to engage LCL or FCL shipping options.

When you need a firm to assist in coordinating all the necessary aspects of shipping ocean freight from Melbourne, consider the experience and quality of Novis Logistics. We find options that work for your business to meet your targets for transit times while staying within your available budget.

We manage ocean freight from Melbourne with experience

Contracting with a reliable and professional ocean freight company in Melbourne will enable you to do business much more efficiently. Think about the many steps that cargo goes through when you ship it across the ocean. First, there is initial packaging, then the loading of freight onto trucks for economical transport to the port of departure. If you do not have a full container load, there will be an intermediary step of consolidation for your freight to fit in with other overseas orders.

Afterwards, a container vessel takes on the cargo, transports them, and must then clear customs before your buyer can take receipt of the goods. Managing all of the details for each of these steps can easily consume a great deal of your attention. When you contract with Novis Logistics, however, we take care of everything. Ensuring your cargo crosses the ocean to its destination successfully is our job.

Do you need to ship bulky, oversized, or unusual cargo? What about special projects that require extra care and attention in handling? Novis solutions are always flexible. Allow us to adapt to your needs using our experience and network of partners. We are happy to work with you to determine the best methods for transporting your goods. Ask us about long-term volume contracts.

Set sail with our abilities today

For simply the best in customer care and service execution in Melbourne concerning ocean freight, coupled with competitive rates and the passion for always finding you the best solution, Novis is an ally to your business. From helping you to understand what kind of container shipping best fits your needs to connecting you with and coordinating an appropriate shipping supplier, we handle all the vital aspects of shipping your goods. We are happy to inform you further about what services we provide. Please telephone us on +61 (3) 9023 5555, or visit our offices in Melbourne in person; simply visit our contact page for address information.