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Find the Sea Freight Solution for Your Small Melbourne Company With Novis Logistics

Find the Sea Freight Solution for Your Small Melbourne Company With Novis Logistics

Not much is as challenging for a small or moderately-sized business than finding effective shipping solutions that match up with their organisational goals and resources. When it comes to using services for sea freight, Melbourne small businesses may find the complex maze of different options and possibilities difficult to understand. Terms like LCL and FCL get thrown around when all you want to know is how you can get your goods on a container ship and how long it will take them to reach their destination. By using the experience and global connections of an established forwarding company such as Novis Logistics Solutions, Australian businesses can access these critical and useful worldwide delivery routes.

With a network of over 2000 partners worldwide, we are well positioned to assist you in moving cargo through one of our suppliers. Let us bring our immense buying power to bear when we act as your sea freight company in Melbourne. Whether you are only shipping a low volume of product to your overseas buyers or you have huge orders to fulfil, we can arrange the appropriate option. All the while, we bring personable customer service and an attentive focus on your business to the table. Consider what we can do for you and pay us a visit!

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Determining the right sea freight choice for transporting the product your company produces is important; it’s a matter of economy, after all. You do not want to pay more for shipping freight than is necessary. This is where the distinction between LCL consolidation and FCL shipping comes into play. Which is right for you?

LCL, or “less than container load,” refers to when your shipment will not fill up a full standard-sized sea freight container. In this case, we accept your shipment as a consolidator. We combine your order with other smaller shipments from other clients into a full load which is then transported to a sea port for transport.

FCL, or “full container load,” is perfect for larger volumes of product. When you can fill an entire container, we will find the most economical ocean transport for your company. We also offer long-term contracts and shipping solutions for a regular volume of freight. Finally, we also work within solutions for break-bulk cargo — in other words, items that cannot fit into a container due to weight or size.

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Whether you only plan on shipping enough to fill half a container or you need a competitive solution for moving a large amount of break-bulk cargo, you will need an experienced liaison to assist you with shipping. Novis is ready and waiting to help you with coordinating the shipping logistics for your business in Melbourne. Sea freight should be a convenient and cost-effective method for moving your product across the globe — not a nightmare of red tape and headaches. We deliver the positive results you need. For enquiries about enlisting our services for your business, please direct your emails to or ring our location on +61 (3) 9023 5555.