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Find the Storage Solutions You Need

Find the Storage Solutions You Need

Every supply chain needs a strong warehousing solution, for several reasons. Whether you need a place to store goods before they are shipped out for interstate delivery or require a spot to keep your cargo while it awaits customs clearance, warehousing is essential to a successful supply chain.

At Novis Logistical Solutions, we are known largely for our international air freight and sea freight services. However, we have also made warehousing a huge part of what we do, because we understand how it can make or break any type of logistical service. We offer extensive warehouse capacity to all clients (up to 4,500 square metres)—whether for long-term bulk storage or immediate pick-and-pack and distribution. Combined with our domestic and global freight services, our capabilities as a Melbourne warehousing firm allow us to provide end-to-end logistical solutions for all clients.

Temporary Storage for Quarantine and Fumigation

Included in our end-to-end logistics solutions is the option for on-site quarantine and fumigation of cargo. At Novis Logistical Solutions, we put a strong emphasis on getting your goods through customs with no issue. Our customs brokers know all regulations and legislation backwards and forwards and will do everything possible to make sure you are compliant.

Unfortunately, sometimes, snafus do happen. Some shipments do get flagged at customs, and when that happens, you need a place to store your items temporarily and wait for a final verdict. As your warehousing company in Melbourne, we will always be ready to accept these ‘limbo’ shipments and keep them safe while they wait for final customs clearance. Our warehouses can even be used as a spot for your cargo to wait out a quarantine or go through fumigation, should such steps be necessary to clear customs.

Warehousing in Melbourne, Complete with Distribution Services and Tracking

Another benefit to choosing Novis Logistical Solutions as your Melbourne warehousing company is that we can handle your distribution and tracking for you. Whether you are delivering to domestic customers or exporting shipments to a foreign country, our warehouse teams can pack your shipments, address them to individual recipients and send them out for delivery. Our technology will allow you to track your cargo right out of our depot, so you know where it is and when it is likely to arrive.

Particularly for importers, this pick-and-pack service is beneficial. Instead of having one company handle the international import of your cargo, another deal with customs and a third take charge of delivery and tracking, Novis Logistical Solutions can offer a comprehensive service that includes all of the above. This setup guarantees maximum efficiency and speed and gives you just one point of contact to deal with throughout the entirety of your supply chain.

Are you interested in learning more about Novis Logistical Solutions, our warehousing service in Melbourne or how our varied services can simplify the supply chain management process for you? Call us today on +61 (3) 9023 5555 to make an enquiry or get a pricing estimate.