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Why You Should Consider Exporting Your Product

Why You Should Consider Exporting Your Product

When you’ve created an exciting or innovative product, it is only natural to want to ensure as many people as possible have the opportunity to make a purchase. Instead of simply looking to carve out your space in the Australian market, have you thought about the value of taking your brand to the international market? There may be other areas around the globe where your product can fill a niche or meet a need, finding greater success than if you limit yourself to only one market. The world of exporting products is not always an easy one to understand, however, and managing the logistics of international freight requires experience and focus.

When your company desires to begin shipping product overseas, finding an international freight company in Melbourne to aid you throughout the process is paramount. Novis Logistic Solutions is that company. A boutique service with the ability to work with businesses of varying sizes, we have the knowledge to connect you with reliable air and sea freight providers. We believe our approach sets us apart as a superior service because we endeavour to make international shipping free from complications for all of our clients. Consider the advantages that come from relying on our experience to expand your business into a larger arena.

Three reasons Novis Logistics Solutions is the right choice for international freight in Melbourne

  1. International experience and market connections coupled with global capabilities. Novis Logistics operates on a worldwide scale with partnerships in 2,000 locations. No matter where you need to move your goods to or what deadlines you must meet, we can locate an effective solution for your business.
  2. Personable, attentive service — every client is important to us. As our motto says, “your cargo is our passion!” Building long-term relationships and offering a different kind of service in international freight from Melbourne is our goal. We are friendly, excited to work with you, and eager to educate our clients on the “need to know” information about the industry.
  3. We have the ability to connect you with air and ocean options. No matter how you want or need to transport your goods, we’ve made the necessary connections. Whether it’s high volume air freight or heavy sea cargo transportation you need, Novis Logistics will make it happen.

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Allowing your business to grow and expand into the global market is a natural step on the path of evolution towards a larger and more successful company. When you need a freight company to work with you in coordinating all the necessary services and steps for supplying your buyers, Novis Logistics is ready to step up and handle everything.

Additionally, we do offer warehousing services for storage of product; please don’t hesitate to ask us about this service. To learn more about the value we represent to Melbourne in the international freight arena, please get in touch by calling our office on +61 (3) 9023 5555 or sending an email to We eagerly look forward to being a factor in your growth.